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Xiling Yinshe 2018 Spring Auction | Important Manuscripts and Letters: Paying homage to ‘the She Era’ - The First Collection of Manuscripts and Letters by Chinese Women in the Modern and Contemporary
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SHE’ is a term re-created by the activists in the New Cultural Movement and its meaning in ancient Chinese had been re-defined since then. The idea of modern life and beautiful years of yore are solidified into the spirit of ‘the She Era’. In fact, to interpret a word is to elucidate a cultural history. Stories abound about these women and it is time to re-discover the value of their manuscripts and letters.


Xiling Auction·Important Manuscripts: Paying homage to ‘the She Era’.

Always the love

Always the times

Xiling Yinshe 2018 Spring Auction | Important Manuscripts and Letters - the First Collection of Manuscripts and Letters by Chinese Women in the Modern and Contemporary Times

You are welcome to consign your collection related to the new feminine figures below over the last century in China.

Writers: Zhang Ailing, Guan Lu, Ding Ling, Xiao Hong, Bing Xin, Ling Shuhua, Lv Bicheng,

Yang Jiang, Chen Hengzhe, Su Xuelin, Echo Chan (Sanmao), Lin Huiyin 

Scientists: Chien-shiung Wu, He Zehui and Lin Chao-chin

Political figures: Soong Ching-ling, Soong Mei-ling, Soong Ai-ling, Deng Yingchao, Qiu Jin and

He Xiangning

Painters: Pan Yuliang, Pan Su, Cai William and Sun Duoci

Socialites: Lu Xiaoman, Tang Ying, Zhao Yidi, Wang Yingxia, Yan Renmei and Xia Meng 

Opera actresses: Meng Xiaodong and Hu Die

Contact: Mr. Lu and Mr. Lou

Address: No. 127, Qingyin Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Tel: +86 571 8789 6779 extending to Department of Important Manuscripts & Letters

Fax: +86 571 8781 2600


Xiling Yinshe 2018 Spring Auction

A Glimpse of ‘SHEs’ - Highlights

▲Xiling Yinshe 2018 Spring Auction

Jiang Biwei  Autograph Manuscript of Rosa Bonheur, a Top Female Painter

▲Xiling Yinshe 2018 Spring Auction

Xu Guangping  Important Autograph Manuscript of Ah Q on Stage in 1939

Published: Special feature of First Public Performance by Sino-French Drama Troupe: The True Story of Ah Q, Directed by Xu Xingzhi, Lafayette Cinema, 1939

Literature: 1. Xu Guangping Reminiscing about Lu Xun, pp. 114, 116 & 118, Guangdong People’s Publishing House, 1979

2. Collection of Xu Guangping’s Works, vol. 1, pp. 454-457, Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House, 1998

The most noticeable ‘She’ in Important Manuscripts and Letters Sale


He Xiangning, as one of the founders of new China and of pioneers of the women’s movement, had stated that it was the first time to make overall requests for all Chinese women before the first International Working Women’s Day was publicly celebrated in Guangzhou on March 8, 1924.

▲Xiling Yinshe 2016 Autumn Auction

He Xiangning  Autograph Letters Signed to Xie Juezai and Xu Teli

Price (RMB): 138,000

As a renowned female figure in the 20th century, Soong Ching-ling had pursued the revolutionary road after Sun Yat-sen since she was young. After the decease of Sun Yat-sen, she made remarkable contributions to the development of the Chinese people and general welfare for women and children through her adamant and life-long efforts. 

▲Xiling Yinshe 2016 Autumn Auction | Autograph Letters and Manuscripts for Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Sun Yat-sen’s Birth

Soong Ching-ling  Autograph Letter Signed to Majas David Humphrey and a Photograph

Price (RMB): 97,750

▲Xiling Yinshe 2013 Spring Auction | Manuscripts by Modern Celebrities

Soong Ching-ling  Autograph Letter Signed to Zhou Enlai

Price (RMB): 230,000

Zhang Chonghe, the youngest sister of ‘the Four Sisters from Hefei’, taught calligraphy and Kunqu at Yale University, Harvard University and twenty other universities over five decades. She dedicated her whole life to promoting traditional Chinese culture and was regarded as ‘the last talented lady of the Republic of China’.

▲Xiling Yinshe 2016 Spring Auction 

Zhang Chonghe and Kunqu: China’s First Sale of Opera Arts, a hit in the Chinese cultural circle,concluded with a turnover over RMB 27 million and a sale rate of 97.69%. The auction proceeds contributed to Zhang Chonghe Kunqu Fund to finance overseas Kunqu development.

Deng Lijun, with her iconic sweet voice in over a generation, sang songs whole-heartedly. Where there are Chinese, there echo her songs.

▲Xiling Yinshe 2013 Spring Auction | Manuscripts by Modern Celebrities

Deng Lijun  A Signed Photograph to Uncle Zhou

Price (RMB): 368,000

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