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Admiring the Same Concept and Idea: Impressive Turnover Rate Highlighting Xiling Yinshe 2022 Spring Auction
Date:2022-09-07 10:02  Author:XLPM  Source:XLPM

After three-day fierce bidding, Xiling Yinshe 2022 Spring Auction finally arrives at its end on October 21, 2022, triumphing with a proud result of RMB 878 million sales and 86.6% turnover rate.

A distinguished auction: Highly recognized and noticed by collectors and buyers, the spring auction attracted more participants and media than ever in recent years.

An art exploration tour: As new sales are explored like newly found continents, Xiling Yinshe Auction has become a brave adventurer continuing its academic presentation of artworks by restoring the scenario of the ancient life of literati, searching for the legacies that have been ignored in the traditional painting history, and showing the masterpieces that have been forgotten for a long time to dig out their true values.

An academic style: Choose candidate artworks and curate auctions academically with the distinctive characteristic of literati in Jiangnan area. Such concept has been dramatically applauded, particularly during the sale of rare artworks which are sold for high prices and premiums.

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In this spring auction, special sales and sales with specific themes are fervently favored, resulting in high premiums and turnover rates. Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy and Manuscripts of Ming and Qing Dynasties exceeds RMB 200 million in sales, The Treasures of Yan Fu's Clan: Family Letters and Manuscripts reaches 100% turnover rate, and the other 11 sales including Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy from Private Collections, Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Top Members of Xiling Yinshe, Chinese Fan Paintings, A Scholarly Journey in Jiangnan: Xiling Yinshe's First Sale of Scholar's Ceramics and Elegant and Magnificent?Chinese Buddhist Art all hit as a high rate as ninety percent.

Sales sold for more than ninety percent:

Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Top Members of Xiling Yinshe:97.83%

The Treasures of Yan Fu's Clan: Family Letters and Manuscripts:100.00%

Chinese Fan Paintings:93.85%

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy from Private Collections:96.26%

A Scholarly Journey in Jiangnan: Xiling Yinshe's First Sale of Scholar's Ceramics:97.96%

Study Series-Fine Inkstones and Inksticks:90.37%

Chinese Ancient Jade Art of Different Dynasties from Important Collections:96.43%

Elegant and Magnificent?Chinese Buddhist Art:95.92%

Comics, Illustrations & Cartoons by Chinese Masters:94.15%

Chinese Paper Money & Coins:90.49%

Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

Xiling Yinshe Auction has conceived a distinctive concept for Chinese painting and calligraphic works, which is to emphasize the rational integration of different painting schools, excavate the values of the artworks that have been ignored in the traditional painting history, and present ancient letters and manuscripts ingenuously apart from their academic and art values.

The Chinese paintings and calligraphy sales contributed RMB 0.38 billion with a turnover rate surpassing 90%, including RMB 0.2 billion from Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy and Manuscripts of Ming and Qing Dynasties, such an impeccable evidence reflecting the credibility that Xiling Yinshe Auction enjoys from its patrons.

Zheng Min  Fishing Spot

Starting Price: RMB 1,200,000

Sale Price: RMB 9,085,000

Xiling Yinshe Auction has always been designing and curating the auctions and themes by giving prominence to ‘Painting School’ so as to position artworks precisely in the history and present their unexplored values accordingly.

The Xin’an Painting School was such a blockbuster sweeping a total revenue up to RMB 20 million. The most noticeable is Zheng Min’s Fishing Spot, which is an embodiment of the scholar’s affection to his conquered nation and was quite admired by Huang Binhong. The lot started its bidding from RMB 1.2 million and sold for RMB 9.085 million, resulting in nearly RMB 7 million premium.

Zhu Yizun, You Tong, Gui Yunsu, Peng Sunyu, Wang Hongzhuan, et al.  Inscriptions

Starting Price: RMB 600,000

Sale Price: RMB 5,807,500

By studying fifty-eight sages in early Qing dynasty that are mentioned in Qian Lai Xuan Ti Yong Ce, Xiling Yinshe Auction has mapped a social relationship of the literati in this era to guide more attentions to the literary and art values of the inscriptions. As a return, the lot was finally sold for RMB 5.807 million, far exceeding its estimate.

Emperor Qianlong  Mandarin Ducks amid Grasses after Zhao Mengfu

Starting Price: RMB 10,000,000

Sale Price: RMB 20,240,000

In 1781, 71-year-old Emperor Qianlong painted Zhao Mengfu’s painting Mandarin Ducks amid Grasses for the second time. He did not only enlarge the painting paper with aged one but also added a poem inscription to it.

In addition to confirming that it is literally mentioned in Shi Qu Bao Ji, Xiling Yinshe Auction also studied it from Emperor Qianlong’s multiple identities of a poet, a calligrapher, a painter and a collector to appreciate the stella work by this versatile emperor. The lot was sold for RMB 20.24 million after the bidding from its estimate of RMB 10 million.

As shining as before with a series of remarkable achievements, the long-lasting classical Chinese painting and calligraphy auction once again indicated the enthusiasm and appetite of the buyers, evidencing noticeable presence of the artworks.

In the sale of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, convincing provinces, illustrations and literatures, as well as the distinguished characteristics of the creators and the restoration of the creating scenario are pivotal.

Huang Binhong  Fuhu Temple of Emei

Starting Price: RMB 4,000,000

Sale Price: RMB 7,015,000

In the Sale of Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Top Members of Xiling Yinshe, Huang Binhong’s painting Fuhu Temple of Emei topped the sale with RMB 7.015 million from its estimate of RMB 4 million. And for another star, Chrysanthemum, Insect and Grass by Qi Baishi, the bidding even soared from RMB 1.5 million up to RMB 2,702,500.

Qi Baishi  Chrysanthemum, Insect and Grass

Starting Price: RMB 1,500,000

Sale Price: RMB 2,702,500

The sale of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy from Private Collections fetched 96% turnover rate, deemed as a true practice of province-oriented concept. The representative works, Birds amid Verdant Leaves and Fishing Boat and Wild Goose, an implication of Zhang Xueliang’s life painted by Lin Fengmian for Zhang, were finally sold for RMB 3,392,500 together.

Lin Fengmian  Birds amid Verdant Leaves, Fishing Boat and Wild Goose

Starting Price: RMB 1,100,000

Sale Price: RMB 3,392,500

Manuscripts of Ming and Qing Dynasties

Letters and manuscripts are recognized as a mirror of a celebrity’s life and always displayed in auction accordingly. However, this time they were not conformed to this form alone while all of the celebrity’s social relations, situations, emotions and backgrounds behind the letters and manuscripts were annotated and analyzed in a full range.

Three distinctive sales for letters and manuscripts including Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy and Manuscripts of Ming and Qing Dynasties, Important Letters and Manscripts Including Xiaogutongxuan Collection and The Treasures of Yan Fu's Clan: Family Letters and Manuscripts, totaled 256 lots and contributed nearly RMB 56 million and ninety percent turnover rate.

In the special sale of letters and manuscripts by famous officials in late Qing dynasty, Zeng Guofan’s Important Autograph Letter Signed to Li Hongzhang about the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom became a sensation for its rareness. It started bidding at RMB 150,000 and ended up with RMB 1.288 million, dozens of times its initial estimate.

Zang Guofan  Important Autograph Letter Signed to Li Hongzhang about the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

Starting Price: RMB 150,000

Sale Price: RMB 1,288,000

Family Letters and Manuscripts of Yan Fu

The Treasures of Yan Fu's Clan: Family Letters and Manuscripts

Sale Price: RMB 7,912,000

On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of Yan Fu’s pass, Xiling Yinshe 2022 Spring Auction in particular curated The Treasures of Yan Fu's Clan: Family Letters and Manuscripts, with 25 lots all sold for around RMB 8 million. Yan Fu’s Calligraphy for He Renlan, His Niece, which embodied his academic thoughts, was finally hammered for RMB 1.725 million. These precious family letters allowed us to re-recognize Yan Fu, such a diligent and kind man, a great philosopher, translator, educator and literati, a practitioner of scientific education and patriot. Such a considerable number of letters and manuscripts of Yan Fu are rarely seen in the market and of great in artistic value apart from their academic values.

The Exhibition of Yan Fu’s family letters and the County Sage Culture of Fujian which was specially held in Fuzhou, have aroused a wide attention of media including CCTV3, CNR, China News Net, etc.

Between August 6-7, Xiling Yinshe Auction held the Exhibition of Yan Fu’s Family Letters and the County Sage Culture of Fujian jointly with other units including the Former Residence of Yan Fu. As those letters and manuscripts permeated with the memory of the times returned to their home, a large number of collectors, tourists and media poured in, and were greatly impressed by the master’s nobleness and assiduous pursuit of learning and thinking after appreciating the treasures that were once highly commended by Chen Baochen.

Important Letters and Manuscripts

Wang Guowei  Poems for Xie Guozhen

Starting Price: RMB 600,000

Sale Price: RMB 2,645,000

It has been the fourteenth year for the sale of Important Letters and Manuscripts of Xiling Yinshe Auction since it was determined as a separate category. Fourteen years has witnessed the company’s ‘academy-oriented’ concept, which has been practiced through record-breaking auctions and far-reaching exhibitions.

Emphasizing great literary and art values, Important Letters and Manscripts Including Xiaogutongxuan Collection facilitated Wang Guowei, Cai Yuanpei and Cai E’s works to make history. The special theme of Liu Rushi and Women’s Culture was also favored and highly praised by collectors. Two star lots, one is Manuscript of Posthumous Works of Liu Rushi compiled by Zhang Lansi and inscribed by Xie Guozhen, Yu Pingbo and Fan Jingzhong, and the other Mountain Dwelling painted by Lu Xiaoman in 1935, all eye-catching. The sale also included Chen Yi’s poetry manuscripts, Kang Youwei’s letters to Liang Qixun, Qi Baishi’s letters to his friends and Ba Jin’s letters to Matsuoka Yoko, also having aroused great enthusiasm among the buyers.

The success of the sale of important letters and manuscripts, of which those especially analyze the exceptional literary values and the literati themselves through their social relations and backgrounds in Ming and Qing dynasties in recent two years, has been abundantly rewarded by the market, stimulating us to discover more values behind the works.

Seals · Fine Inkstones

In the seal and inkstone auction, an inkstone inscribed by Liuzhou and a Qingtian stone seal with ‘Yuan Hua Chang Hao Yue Chang Yuan Ren Chang Shou’ mark engraved by Chen Hongshou stood out amid its counterparts.

Liuzhou and Chen Hongshou

Chen Hongshou and Liuzhou are two most creative figures in the seal and inkstone making. Chen was not only good at seal cutting but also famous for his participation in ‘Mansheng’ teapots making. The monk Liuzhou, unlike the ordinary ones practicing Buddhism in temples, loved traveling around to make stele rubbings. Maverick were their conducts and behaviors, they were actually conducive to the popularity of the arcane seal cutting art, just showing how romantic the two artists were.

Qing Dynasty  A Qingtian Stone Seal Engraved by Chen Hongshou

Sale Price: RMB 1,955,000

These two seals are rare masterpieces by Liuzhou and Chen Hongshou with impeccable provinces and inscriptions of celebrities just like those on the scrolls to evidence the collection and inheritance.

The Qingtian stone seal engraved by Chen Houshou was previously collected by Guo Ruoyu and inscribed by Tong Yanfang and Sun Weizu. Tong Yanfang praised it as ‘The nine characters engraved by Manweng in a way of engraving on bronze makes this work more endearing’, while Sun Zuwei engraved as ‘It belongs to Guo who acquired it from Chen’s family’.

Qing Dynasty  An Inkstone with Inscription Inscribed by Liuzhou and Wang Fu’an, Engraved by Wu Putang and Collected by Yao Ximin

Sale Price: RMB 2,990,000

A record price for the inkstone inscribed by Liuzhou

The Liuzhou inscribing inkstone was a collection of Yao Ximin, a Hangzhou-based collector. It was inscribed by Gao Junru, calligraphed by Gao Xingxin with the inkstone case inscribed by Wang Fu’an and engraved by Ming Jian and Wu Putang. The popularity of the genre affirmed the acceptance of the current market for sphragistics.

In the sale of Study Series-Seal Cuttings by Modern and Contemporary Chinese Masters, the seals from the masters of Qing dynasty still dominated the auction. The lots made by ‘Eight Masters of Xiling Society of Seal Arts’ and ‘Four Masters of Late Qing Dynasty’ all clinched a deal. And the works of Chen Hongshou, Wu Changshuo, Qian Song, Zhao Zhichen, Hu Jue and Xu Sangeng fetched for high hammer prices.

Ancient Books and Rubbings

Da Qing Mu Zong Yi Huang Di Sheng Xun

Sale Price: RMB 1,357,000

In the sale of Fine Ancient Books and Ink Rubbings, the lot Da Qing Mu Zong Yi Huang Di Sheng Xun, printed on the catalogue cover, was sold for RMB 1.357 million. The books contain Volume 51-55 and partial content of ‘Yan Fa Ji’. Its original package is made of red satin with cloud and phoenix patterns which symbolize the power in Qing dynasty. On the left is a title of ‘Da Qing Mu Zong Yi Huang Di Sheng Xun’ written in red and on the right is a frame with volume number and title in it. The paper inside is thickened white cotton paper painted with red frame. The books are written neatly in ‘Guange’ font. Eighteen characters in a row and nine rows on half a page, all written in red.

The books and rubbings remained assorted to several sections like Buddhist scriptures, manuscripts and seal impressions according to the market. Among them was Mao Xiang’s Shuihuiyuan series which indicated both the social relations and patriotism of Mao’s family and the landscape of the literature in Jiangnan area.

Chinese Ceramics - Scholar's Ceramics

The ceramic sales focused on the scholar’s aesthetic flavors, and presented scholar’s hobby-related articles kept in their studies and used to create painting and calligraphic works.

For eighteen years, Xiling Yinshe Auction has promoted 18 first sales on a national level and 20 first sales of the company. Now the ceramics promoted its own first sale—Scholar’s Ceramics, which takes the 340th anniversary of Tang Ying’s birth as a clue and aims to build scenarios of scholar’s studies, restore cultural sites and feel the ancient scholars’ feelings so as to trigger buyers’ thinking and attention to the literature and humanity behind the traditional articles.

A Scholarly Journey in Jiangnan: Xiling Yinshe's First Sale of Scholar's Ceramics

Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A Pale-Celadon-Glazed ‘Leaf and Bug’ Scholar’s Object with ‘Qianlong’ Mark

Sale Price: RMB 1,012,000

Yongzheng Period, Qing Dynasty  A ‘Guan’-type Brush Washer Made by Tang Ying for Li Yuzhu

Sale Price: RMB 897,000

Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A Celadon-Glazed ‘Conch’ Waterpot Made by Tang Ying

Sale Price: RMB 632,500

Considering Tang Ying’s contribution to the ceramic development history, Xiling Yinshe Auction specifically treated the scholar’s ceramics as a separate category to express the similar understanding of the ceramics. Since the first ceramic sale in 2014, Xiling Yinshe Auction has categorized ceramics according to when they were made. The scholar’s ceramics sale is just the outcome on the basis of the relations of literati in Jiangnan area and references of the inscriptions, paintings and calligraphy in the same era.

This is the characteristic of Xiling Yinshe Auction and such categorization is certain to be applied in future sales.

The porcelain pieces in this special sale were frequently sold for high prices during the auction and received a lot of recognition from the market. The intention of Xiling Yinshe Auction in establishing this special sale is not only to bring many wonderful objects to light, but also to highlight the historical, cultural, social and aesthetic contexts in which these objects were made, acquired and played with when collected.

The food of the ancients in the studies played an important role in maintaining the intimacy between the literati. Treating guests with delicacies was considered a norm for literati, and a reflection of the elegance of the host. The host would usually receive his guests in a study for the host and guests to entertain themselves. These intimate gatherings were extremely central in the life of the literati.

A 'Jian' Black-Glazed Bowl

Starting Price: RMB 4,500,000

Sale Price: RMB 9,545,000

A Scholarly Journey in Jiangnan: Xiling Yinshe's First Sale of Scholar's Ceramics finally achieved a total of nearly 26 million, reaching a high turnover rate of 97.96%. The collectors who came to the auction fully demonstrated their understanding that the value of scholar’s objects does not just lie in the materials themselves, but in the charm of the objects created by the craftsmen through the magic of nature and led by the concept of ‘scholar’s aesthetic flavor’.

Refined Articles in the Study

The expanding scholar’s object sale included, in addition to court wares, a rich variety of rare and beautiful collections with the elegance of literati life, which can be described as a medley of literary and court wares. But be it splendid court wares, or elegant and graceful objects of scholar’s studies, the three special sales continue the tradition of clear provenance, high quality, high grade and high standard, determining the combination of scholar’s object collection.

Early Qing Dynasty  A Group of Eight White Jade Buddhist Ornaments

Starting Price: RMB 2,600,000

Sale Price: RMB 6,670,000

Chinese Ancient Jade Art of Different Dynasties from Important Collections consists mostly of ancient works that have been handed down in an orderly manner. The sale was closed with a 96.43% turnover rate and achieved RMB 20 million. Among them, a group of rare and important court objects, represents masterpieces for the Qing dynasty's official-made ritual Buddhist utensils. The lot, which resembles a group of white and celadon jade works collected in Qing court, is so significant and special for its body carved directly on a whole piece of jade that it was finally sold for RMB 6.67 million, way much higher than the estimate. The promotion of both emperor’s and scholar’s favorites is what the Department of Refined Articles in the Study has been committed to in its research of scholar’s objects and professional collection.

Zisha Works of Art

Kangxi Period, Qing Dynasty  A Rare and Fine Red Clay Teapot Customized by Chen Mingyuan for Yang Zhongne

Sale Price: RMB 27,600,000

The most dazzling star of this auction, a teapot made by Chen Mingyuan for Yang Zhongne in the Kangxi period of the Qing dynasty, aroused well-deserved attention. This pot has been mentioned in various books since the Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty, and the line of succession is clearly traceable since the Kangxi period of the Qing dynasty. The three major Zisha canonical books, Yangxian Potteries, Yangxian Famous Pottery Records, and Yangxian Pot Illustrations, cite countless entries. After intensive bidding, the lot was finally hammered at RMB 24 million.

Xiling Yinshe Auction has been dedicated to the research of scholars’ Zisha pots. The Dingmao pot is fairly typical of the genre jointly created by ancient scholars and craftsmen. Such a kind was always engraved with Yang Duanmu’s poems and Chen Mingyuan’s inscriptions which were later generalized by Wu Qian as the paradigm for the descendants. Over the years, the scholar’s Zisha pots in Xiling Yinshe Auction have hit high prices frequently, and the category has been completely recognized by the market as the most promising sale among others. Xiling Yinshe Auction will continue to explore the history of the scholar’s Zisha pots, engage on academic research, and strive to bring collectors a higher level of collecting experience.

Red Clay Teapots

Besides, the red wares which have been promoted by Zisha category for many years were also concluded with high prices. The red clay teapot made by Xu Bojun in the early Qing dynasty closed a deal at over RMB 1 million against the estimate of RMB 450,000. The bidding for aged tea was fierce, with several lots achieving notable performance.

Oil Paintings and Sculpture

Chu Teh-chun (1920-2014)  No. 282

Sale Price: RMB 13,800,000

Xiling Yinshe 2022 Spring Auction saw the ‘Modern and Contemporary Oil Paintings and Sculpture’ once again launch the section-‘private collection of Guan Liang’, to express its gratitude to the trust and support of the artist's family and collectors. In this section, the auction presented several oil paintings, landscape watercolors and opera figure works by Guan Liang, which were once again 100% sold. Among them, Guan Liang's oil painting ‘Pheasant’, created in his seventy-ninth year, was a representative work of still life oil painting in his later years. Full of artistic innovation and inheritance of the spirit of craftsmanship, it was finally sold for RMB 3.358 million.

In this sale, Chu Teh-chun's No. 282 and Zao Wou-ki's 20.2.76, masterpieces reflecting the vicissitudes of Chinese oil painting, reached outstanding performances. Aiming to convey the spirit of the times of the contemporary art with a broad artistic vision and a systematic academic approach, the oil painting and sculpture sale expects more participation and prevalence in future.


Hang Zhiying (1900-1947)  Original Work for the Calendar Beauty

Sale Price: RMB 632,500

Based on traditional Chinese cartoons, Xiling Yinshe Auction insists in exploring relevant subdivisions. By sorting out the development of painting categories and collecting directions, this auction selected famous ink and color cartoons, original manuscripts of comic strips and illustrations, yearbook prints, publicity paintings and other different forms of painting works. Those blockbusters with value of times were selected and promoted in a combination of both the comic strips and collectors with distinctive Chinese characteristics.

Comics, Illustrations & Cartoons by Chinese Masters presented of Xiling Yinshe 2022 Spring Auction offered Wei Zixi’s Mount Huang in the Autumn, Feng Zikai’s The Willows before My House and the original manuscripts of the yearbook and comic strips, which all shone brightly through the auction season. Among them was Hang Yiaying's Original Work for the Calendar “Beauty “ with pictures taken in front of Shanghai's Great World on the eve of liberation in 1949. It was a record of the beauty of the times and a timeless national trend, and was finally sold for RMB 632,500.

Jade Art

Ming Dynasty  A Russet Jade Goose

Sale Price: RMB 920,000

Jade Carvings by Ancient and Contemporary Chinese Masters continued to be a market focus, reaching a total of over RMB 35 million. Among the ancient jade pieces, a jade goose from the Ming dynasty fetched the handsome RMB 920,000. The piece is large and carved delicately and vividly on a single piece of russet jade stone, covered with varying shades of black color.

Huang Hanyong (b. 1977)  A White Jade 'Elephant and Figure' Group

Sale Price: RMB 3,737,500

As for the jade carvings by contemporary masters, Huang Hanyong's Hetian white jade ornament, a White Jade 'Elephant and Figure' Group, sold for a high price of RMB 3,737,500. The carving is elegantly colored, warm and delicate, with excellent fat content and a large area of natural russet skin, which is very rare. The overall shape of this piece was full and vivid, with bold sparse, smooth and soft lines, carved with balanced well, skillful and smooth craftsmanship. The author's subtle expression of the elephant's body structure makes full use of the delicate material of the jade to show its thick and smooth texture, and the combination of smoothly curved lines and thick three-dimensional blocks, rich in layers.

Chinese Coins and Banknotes

Republic of China Period  Three Silver Coins

Sale Price: RMB 1,725,000

The sale of coins was a big hit in terms of Xianfeng coins, rare machine-made coins and commemorative coins. Xianfeng coins were a kind of currency issued in 1853, mainly in two types: Tongbao and Chongbao. As the main currency used in modern China, the milled coins are known as the "king" of ancient coins and have long been the concern and favorite of collectors. Xianfeng coins and machine-made coins have become the mainstream collection category of Ming and Qing coins and modern coins, and are also an important collection category and key promotion of Xiling Yinshe Auction.

The spring auction of this year's coin sale integrated three rare coins -A Silver Coin with Dragon Pattern and Portrait of Yuan Shih-Kai, A Silver Coin with the Portrait of Li Yuanhong and A Silver Coin with ‘Zhonghua’ Mark as one lot, which not only satisfied collectors' needs for different varieties of collections, but also gave coin enthusiasts a glimpse of the unique charm of Chinese milled coins in the comparison of each category. This group of coins was finally sold for RMB 1.725 million, and the value of the machine-made coin collection was fully reflected in this auction. After several rounds of fierce bidding, the coin was finally sold for RMB 92,000, showing the collector's appetite for coins of all times. It set a number of auction records in the market and became an important witness and promoter of the domestic coin auction market.

Buddhist Art

Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A Gilt-Bronze Figure of Maitreya

Sale Price: RMB 1,610,000

Elegant and Magnificent?Chinese Buddhist Art of Xiling Yinshe auction came to the stage with mainly Buddhist statues, and other rare religious ancient artworks. The selected statues presented in the auction ranged from the fourth century to the nineteenth century, covering the statues from India to Mongolia, Tibet, the mainland imperial court and the central plains of China, providing an overall landscape for auctions, exhibitions, publications and academic researches.

Elegant and Magnificent?Chinese Buddhist Art, the most sought-after in this auction, with collectors dramatically satisfied with their trophies after intensive bidding battles, achieving a turnover rate of nearly 96%. Among them, A Gilt-Bronze Figure of Maitreya from the Qing Dynasty started at RMB 800,000 and inspired a flurry of intense biddings between clients and phone bidders in the saleroom before achieving RMB 1.61 million. A Gilt-Bronze Figure of Shakyamuni, in perfect condition and exquisite craftsmanship, was sold for RMB 1,380,000. A Censer of the Ming Dynasty with ‘Chongzhen’ Mark cruised through RMB 280, 000 to RMB 575,000 after a cut-throat competition.

Magnificent Jewels

An Exceptional and Rare Icy Jadeite Necklace

Sale Price: RMB 20,700,000

The jadeite sale remained strong in the jewelry section. The cover lot, an Exceptional and Rare Icy Jadeite Necklace achieved RMB20.7 million. Real, rare and refined jadeite works are still favored by the market. The cover lot consists of 41 jadeite beads from one same jadeite stone, which is rich emerald green in color and clean in texture. The beads are rounded, which are rare and valuable for collection.

Famous Wine

Karuizawa, Single Malt Whisky 1970 and 50-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky

Sale Price: RMB 1,667,500

The sale of Famous Chinese Wine and Tonics was exciting. The Karuizawa series of whiskies made a big splash in the auction. Karuizawa, Single Malt Whisky 1970 and 50-year-Old Single Malt Whisky fetched a high price of over RMB1.5 million, and Karuizawa, 35-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky Distilled 1981 was sold for RMB1.2 million, both of which made a new record for the same kind. Other categories of Chinese wine and tonic products also performed well.

Western Antiques

Western Antique Works of Art

A Turnover Rate of 90 Percent

The sale of Western Antique Works of Art was held in the spirit of "art in life" of Xiling Yinshe Auction. The sale covered western silver wares (with silver marks and maker's marks) gilt-bronze wares, western clocks and watches, music boxes, other mechanical devices, western sculptures and paintings, antique jewelry, western musical instruments, furniture and so on. Focusing on the appreciation and dissemination of the aesthetic flavors of the western royal families from the 18th to the 20th century, the sale presented the extant lots which were of high value and exquisite, and remained to be the focus and contribute 90% turnover rate for the sale.

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Study Series·Special Auction of Famous Inkstones in Chinese History

From offline to online bidding, more diversified and closer to daily life

Xiling Yinshe online auction - Yes Auction has evolved from ‘Daily Auction (One lot alone)’ based on the anniversary of celebrities to ‘Monthly Auction (multiple sales)’ and ‘Daily Auction (Multiple lots)’, from a single category of important letters and manuscripts to a richer and more diversified combination than offline counterparts. The online auctions have top quality paintings and calligraphy with perfect provenance, exciting no-reserve biddings, highly interesting articles, as well as luxury consumer goods like jewelry and wine. Combining collection, research and entertainment, the online auction will continue to inherit the scholar’s elegance and improve the flavor and taste for the artworks in Jiangnan area in the new era.

We sincerely wish the imminent August Online Auction, with freehand brush works and refined articles, comforting your heart like a cool breeze in hot summer days.

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